Wood Fencing

One of the most popular types of yard enclosures, wood fencing combines the best in both security and aesthetics. It offers the strength and durability you demand, all while infusing your yard with a simple elegance at the same time.

At All About Fences, we offer a variety of custom wood fencing solutions, from ornate to traditional, to residences throughout Virginia and West Virginia. We handle new fencing installations and repairs, and work with you to design an enclosure that gives you privacy, controls outside noise and protects your home.

Not only is wooden fencing an economical option, it’s also highly customizable. Choose from dozens of designs and styles, including picket patterns, custom lattice and more. We can also alter your fence’s color with attractive stains and treatments. You tell us more about the look and feel you have in mind, and our team will make it happen.

Benefits of Wood Fencing

  • Aesthetically appealing and adds privacy

  • Affordable and environmentally-friendly

  • Can be easily customized to fit any space and yard size

  • Wood fencing can be painted any color or stained in any shade

  • Wood fencing is environmentally friendly

  • Durable: Most wooden fences last about 20 years

  • Wood fences are the most traditionally used fences. 

  • Wooden fences are some of the easiest to install